Hibiscus Software

Created in July 2011 by Orion Robillard hibiscus software was created as an organization for Orion to develop projects in his spare time. It didn’t take long for friends, family, and new customers to call for help with software development. The spare time projects were shelved and Hibiscus has been busy as a full time consulting company ever since.

We develop new projects and bring existing software up to date with current technology. Our expertise is in C# and MS SQL but experience has led us all over the technology map from Windows to Linux we are familiar with many technologies in web and application programming. You may have noticed in recent years online applications have started to take over where native applications used to be required. Cloud storage and improved internet technology have allowed companies to develop and deploy applications to an entire workforce simply by adding them to the company application portal. Updates are easily applied for all users without expensive and time consuming version testing and the systems administrators required to manage installed software. In some cases work is even being done on tablets and phones. This may seem new but it’s something we have been working on for nearly a decade, before the “cloud” term was invented. Online applications are going to continue to get better and Hibiscus has the history and experience to continue developing world class web applications.

Orion started programming in the 1990s at home and by ’96 he was working a summer internship helping to port an application to different languages. In 2001 Orion was working at Wayport had worked on the company’s first captive portal system and a web tracking and network monitoring platform for the ISP. After the .com crash and layoffs Orion paired up with friends working on the official state tourism website for Texas. As an official state organization the tourism website needed to be accessible and compliant with web standards so Orion learned how to create proper HTML designs with CSS. Working for a small company also meant more responsibilities but new experiences meeting with clients creating estimates and holding timelines. By 2005 it was time to move on again, this time to a bigger company at National Financial Partners. Orion was able to work with 3rd party financial institutions sharing data across web services and led a team of programmers responsible for the company’s insurance software platform. It was at NFP that Orion had the idea to take all of his varied talents and put them together creating software. Orion said goodbye to NFP and in July 2011 Hibiscus software was created.